Testimonials: Experiences with Wild Oregano Oil

The following are the testimonials of people’s experiences with Wild Oregano Oil.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Experiences with Wild Oregano Oil

Photo by Verne Ho from Burst

I wanted to tell you how oil of oregano helped me. Last September, I went to visit some friends in Kentucky, and no sooner had my plane touched down, my ear felt like it was going to explode. I thought it was just the difference in elevation, but as the pain became unbearable, I had my friends take me to an E.R. out there. Turns out that elevation was the least of my problems. I had a double ear infection – inner and outer ear infections. I had no money for prescriptions at that point in time, so I could not afford the prescriptions written for me by the doc there. I asked my friends if they would mind getting some oil of oregano on the way home, which they kindly did. Now, maybe it was desperation, maybe it was just the biggest hoping I had ever done, but I warmed the oil up a bit and put 3 big drops in my ear. I don’t think I can write the words that were running through my mind when I put that oil in my ear, as they are mostly 4-letter words, and, man, did that oil burn and sting! My hearing wasn’t great all the next day. It felt like someone had put their hand over that ear and everything was muffled. But the pain was gone, and that’s all I cared about, as I was surely losing my mind from the pain at that point. And on the second day (and after just the one application of oil of oregano), my double ear infection was gone and my hearing was back to normal. I had no problems whatsoever with my ears for the rest of my month-long trip. I had long heard about the anti-bacterial properties of oil of oregano but until that trip, I had never used it. Now, I will not use anything else for my recurrent ear infections.

And as a side note, the youngest daughter (5 years old) of my friends, had a really sizable ringworm on the back of her leg at the time. They had tried for at least 3 months to get rid of it (including prescribed medication creams), but it kept getting bigger and bigger.

I suggested trying the oil of oregano on it. It was worth a shot, right? And it worked on that, as well. We had to put it on her ringworm for about 4 days (and put some Anbesol on after it for the pain of the burn), but her ringworm was gone and she’s had no recurrence of it since.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for making oregano benefits available to the public and for offering it at such a good price.

Like I said earlier, when I have saved up enough money, I fully intend on purchasing it. I live on a stipend from SSI each month and barely get by, but on occasion, I am able to splurge and get something nice, like your product.

Thanks, again, for reading this, and many blessings to you and yours!

Jenn. M. White

More Testimonials: Experiences with Wild Oregano Oil

Don from Tennessee had an infection under a capped tooth while driving from Tennessee to Florida. He put a drop of Wild Oregano Oil on his finger and rubbed it on the sore area. The pain stopped very quickly. He was not bothered with the tooth for the rest of his trip. When he got to the dentist in Tennessee a week later, the dentist could find no sign of an infection under the cap. It saved his trip.


Wayne in Costa Rica had black hardened blobs where his fingernails use to be. After applying one drop a day of Wild Oil of Oregano to the nails, he regained feeling in the nails. His nails had been black for over twenty years. We are waiting to hear from him again to see how the nails are reacting after prolonged treatment.


Rick from Georgia had a problem with athlete’s foot when he wore the wrong shoes. He rubbed a drop on the oil on his toes and had immediate results. No more athlete’s foot. He also brushes his teeth with the Oil of Oregano and has not had a cavity in three years or any gum problems. His dentist is amazed at the results.


Ron from Atlanta has a rash in his groin area and even though he was warned about using it in sensitive areas, he wanted to get rid of the rash. He used the Wild Oil of Oregano on his rash and after dancing around for a few hours from the burning he got relief. He called to say that the oregano had done the job on the rash, but next time he would mix it to a weaker strength.


Many people have found that our oil of oregano relieves headaches when rubbed on the temples.

The 63 year-old Fire Chief in a small Colorado town, who is also a marathon runner, has found that he gets complete relief from pain when he rubs Wild Oil of Oregano on the small of his back.


A scientist in Turkey has treated, with success, many cases of cancer.


Robin in Arizona had a skin rash that didn’t respond to and prescribed drugs. Two weeks after using Wild Oil of Oregano the rash was gone.


Spike the Routweiller got rid of his ear mites by using a diluted solution of Wild Oil of Oregano and Miracle II Neutralizer Gel. He is kept free of fleas with a few drops Wild Oil of Oregano in his shampoo.


Barb in Colorado kills bugs on her indoor plants with a few drops of Wild Oil of Oregano in a spray bottle with water.


Suzannie in New York City rubs it on her chest for a deep relaxing sleep.


A friend in Turkey relates that it has been found that oregano that is high in carvacrol works on cancer. He said that it was proven by scientists who preformed tests on cancer-ridden rats at the Medical and Plant Research Institute in Turkey.

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