Experiences With Wild Oil of Oregano

Many people have found that our oil of oregano relieves headaches when rubbed on the temples.
The 63 year-old Fire Chief in a small Colorado town, who is also a marathon runner, has found that he gets complete relief from pain when he rubs Wild Oil of Oregano on the small of his back.
A scientist in Turkey has treated, with success, many cases of cancer.
Robin in Arizona had a skin rash that didn’t respond to and prescribed drugs. Two weeks after using Wild Oil of Oregano the rash was gone.
Spike the Routweiller got rid of his ear mites by using a diluted solution of Wild Oil of Oregano and Miracle II Neutralizer Gel. He is kept free of fleas with a few drops Wild Oil of Oregano in his shampoo.
Barb in Colorado kills bugs on her indoor plants with a few drops of Wild Oil of Oregano in a spray bottle with water.
Suzannie in New York City rubs it on her chest for a deep relaxing sleep.
A friend in Turkey relates that it has been found that oregano that is high in carvacrol works on cancer. He said that it was proven by scientists who preformed tests on cancer-ridden rats at the Medical and Plant Research Institute in Turkey.
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