People’s Experiences with Wild Oregano Oil

Don from Tennessee had an infection under a capped tooth while driving from Tennessee to Florida. He put a drop of Wild Oregano Oil on his finger and rubbed it on the sore area. The pain stopped very quickly. He was not bothered with the tooth for the rest of his trip. When he got to the dentist in Tennessee a week later, the dentist could find no sign of an infection under the cap. It saved his trip.
Wayne in Costa Rica had black hardened blobs where his fingernails use to be. After applying one drop a day of Wild Oil of Oregano to the nails, he regained feeling in the nails. His nails had been black for over twenty years. We are waiting to hear from him again to see how the nails are reacting after prolonged treatment.
Rick from Georgia had a problem with athlete’s foot when he wore the wrong shoes. He rubbed a drop on the oil on his toes and had immediate results. No more athlete’s foot. He also brushes his teeth with the Oil of Oregano and has not had a cavity in three years or any gum problems. His dentist is amazed at the results.
Ron from Atlanta has a rash in his groin area and even though he was warned about using it in sensitive areas, he wanted to get rid of the rash. He used the Wild Oil of Oregano on his rash and after dancing around for a few hours from the burning he got relief. He called to say that the oregano had done the job on the rash, but next time he would mix it to a weaker strength.
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