Oregano Oil Research Part 5

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Oregano Health Benefits 

Oil of Oregano: An herb for all seasons by Ingri Cassel
Idaho Observer (Continued from previous page)
Our friend who began using oregano oil internally found relief from his arthritis and chronic constipation. His skin is clearer and he feels 20 years younger. He hasn’t been plagued by the cold and flu season since incorporating oregano oil into his daily regimen.
Angie at Survival Enterprises told me that she used to have so many problems with her lungs and chronic colds during the winter months until she began using oregano oil. She has never felt better and has used it quite literally as a “cure all” ever since.
Although I could fill this entire column with the multitude of oregano health benefits testimonies from people using it, I felt it was more important to stress the versatility of this oil for many conditions that plague us today.
The premier features of this product are:
1. Relief from inflammations, internal or external.
2. Can neutralize a wide range of spiders, scorpions, bees, ants and snake bites and stings.
3. Natural antiseptic, can treat various painful lesions and pain disorders.
4. Mucolytic, helps to mobilize and thin mucous, useful in lung disorders.
5. Anti-tussive, halts cough and eases spasticity of the lung tubules.
6. Anti-spasmodic, obliterates tightness and spasms of muscles.
7. Its greatest attributes are its anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-microbial properties.
Many chronic diseases are also complicated by persistent infections. Diseases including arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, gastritis, and Crohn’s disease are often treated with pharmaceutical drugs that suppress symptoms rather than treat the cause of the problem. Since antibiotics will not work for these conditions, it is natural antiseptics and nutritional therapies that are the answer.
Survival Enterprises owners Kurt and Angie Wilson have spent hours searching for the finest oregano oil at the most reasonable price. Since it takes 200 pounds of wild oregano to make two pounds of oil, I expected to pay much more for the finest oregano oil available. I paid $17 for a one ounce bottle of oregano oil (30 ml.) and after using it for two weeks, the bottle still looks full. This is one potent oil and should be in everyone’s “survival kit” if they care to survive whatever our government is planning for us.
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